Friday, August 12, 2005

EchoLink Language

From the pages of ECHOLINK :

The *ENGLAND* Echolink Conference Server

The ENGLAND Echolink conference server (Node number 7889) is located in a Docklands secure computing facility close to the UK internet backbone. The system is permanently connected to the GB3DX repeater and monitored constantly. The bandwidth and service is kindly donated by The system itself is capable of supporting 1500+ concurrent conference users. The server is fitted with redundant power supplies including full UPS support to deliver a high availability 24x7x365 redundant Echolink conference server.
The conference server has a strict language and usage policy in place. All transmission must be made using the "English" language and sufficient breaks between overs must be maintained. Failure to adhere to this policy will in the initial stages result in the offending system being disconnected from the conference. Persistent offenders will be "banned" from the conference server for a short period whilst the issue is resolved.
The language policy is in place as the "team" prefer to be able to monitor "all" traffic across the system to prevent licence breaches.

From the above example,
It is imperative that only English is used during Echolink link QSO with the above server,
therefore, we should be start using the English language during our QSOs now, for practice.



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