Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Possible new PreFix


Montenegro new prefix Z7 (Zulu Seven)

New country Montenegro new prefix.

YT6A, Ranko, reports thatMontenegrin authorities will be submitting an application for a prefixfor the fledgling nation. Several Montenegrin Amateur Radio operatorsare hoping (stress hoping) for the Z7 (Zulu Seven) prefix. Youreditor is watching the ITU news and is in daily contact with severalMontenegrin Amateur Radio operators. DXers have been asking how totell which stations are currently operating from Montenegro. Stationsusing the following prefixes are located in the new country: 4O3, 4O6,YT3, YT6, YU3, YU6, YZ3 and YZ6. All of these will count for DXCCstarting June 28, 2006. Between now and July 20th do not expect a lotof activity. However mark you calendars between July 20th and August12th for the Montenegro 2006 International DX Festival.

MontenegroBeginning date for DXCC - June 28, 2006
Capital - Podgorica CQ Zone - 15 ITU Zone - 28
Continent - Europe UTC Offset - 1 hour ahead
Lat/Long - 19.28 East 42.47 North (Podgorica)


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