Friday, May 26, 2006

9M2RTB Repeater

For those Amateur radio stations that are on the road
south of KL, can opt to try the 9M2RTB repeater located
in Seremban for their QSO.

This repeater was recently brought back to "life" by
some volunteers from Seremban, who took the trouble to
go up Gunung Telapa Buruk to see what was wrong.

I have been able to trigger that repeater from my home
base using only 5 watts of power.

The frequency to use :

9M2RTB 145.625mhz Offset -0.600 Tone 203.5khz


  • Bravo to those who went up there to do some tuning up there.

    There is 2M National Link to RTB.

    Problem 1.
    NS Station unable to hear Audio station from North. Station around KL who QSO via Genting Link there, their audio able to hear.

    Problem 2.
    NS station face doubling situation. when there is someone on QSOing ex.. Station KL QSO with Station Penang.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:28 PM  

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