Saturday, May 14, 2005

2Meter Net

The scene at Restuarant Ali Baba TTDI KL where the 2 meter Net was the HQ for the night of 13May2005

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Getting ready to "buka kedai" by 9W2MCT watched by 9M2RS, VP of MARTS.

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The "Interview by NST"

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The "interview Part 2"

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Enjoying some Teh Tarik & "borak2"

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Using "Blue Tooth earpiece" for communicating to "Ham Radio"?

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Pak Do Lah cannot believe it !

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9W2RYS talking to a Hammer.

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The 5 foot way of Ali Baba taken over by Hammers !

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9W2MCT on the radio!

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9W2AXN & 9W2MRR checking the view from the Web Cam that was transmitted Live!

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9W2XI with the Web Cam set up!

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VP MARTS 9M2RS collecting the forms for MARTS Membership

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All attention towards the Marts Vice President 9M2RS collecting the forms

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Pak Do Lah's MARTS Vest..Bersinar2

Sorry, some pictures are not clear, as taken in the dark & hands shaky !


  • Dear SWL and Hams,

    Re:Cables for your Amateur Radio Setup

    Here is some technical infomation on cables to use when you setup your rig in the car. It the in appropriate cables is use then the performance is degraded... always look for low lost in transmision cable and minimum amp a cable can take to power your rig hungry RF output.

    For the Antenna Cables use ...
    Manyfacturer: Mitti Cables Mfg Sdn Bhd
    Coaxial Cable = RG-58A/U = 50 ohms, Atten(db/100m) 16.1, 100 Meters.


    For the DC Power Cable use ...
    Manufacturer: Fajar Cables Sdn Bhd
    PVC Auto Cables = Multi Strand = Size :28/.26, 30 Meters. 14.9Amp.
    PVC Auto Cables = Multi Strand = Size :35/.26, 30 Meters. 18.6Amp.


    Good Luck



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  • Dear All Hams,

    Here is a interesting high gain homebrew antenna...

    3 stacker x 3/4 wave for 2 meter Vertical antenna



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:19 PM  

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