Friday, February 17, 2006

9M2RUK . . .the verdict

Coinciding with the Ulu Kali Site visit by MARTS Secretary and MOTOROLA officials, 9M2CM-Thommy Lim, 9M2CF- Chow CW, and 9W2MCT - Tony Yew made an attempt to rectify the fast failing 9M2RUK. With the support from 9W2NAL-Zainal, who supplied 30m of RG8 cable, and Chow, equipped, with a Bird and an SWR meter, the team proceeded with the serious work of righting the 'other' old lady!
Not realising the difference between the tower design of Bukit Lanjan and Ulu Kali, I figured it would be ok to 'climb' the UK tower. Alas, when we arrived the sight of it, immediately killed that very thought. With the right documents carried by 9M2CL-Bob, accompanied by TM Engineers, we proceeded to the repeater room. Identifying the future rack for the linking repeater (AA not known to me yet) was done by the visiting team, whilst Thommy and Chow quickly got down to the task.
Although news that the Antenna set up needed to be serviced, as well as the location of the antenna, was made known ahead of this visit, by 9M2AM-Annuar, as well as 9W2XL-Bear,
the diagnosis was conducted in precise manner.
The verdict? There is a loss of power output from the Repeater, hence it will need to be decommissioned, as well as a high SWR reading of the Antenna, hopefully a new one will be put in place.

All said, another visit will be conducted and hopefully with the help of the Professional Riggers (Halim and Gang) 9M2RUK will hopefully be resurrected to live.
A fruiful visit, it must be said, but hopefully next time, others will partake.

de 9W2MCT -Tony


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