Sunday, March 05, 2006

Amateur TV

For those 9M licence holders, anyone of you have any experience
in the transmission of Video signals as shown below?

Or Video streams being sent through a repeater like in the scenario below?


  • Sorry to repeat the same thing again, but I cant resist putting out a few comments. Unlike in the US which has a very broad band on 70 CM, here in Malaysia we only get to use 430-440 MHz.

    Further more in this band, 435-438 MHz is reserved for satellite use, so you only get to work 430-435 and 438-440. Honestly, you can attempt to squeeze an ATV signal between 430-435 but this will take the entire band width available and prevent others for using the band. Furthermore, it may interefere a bit with satellite operation especially those around 435 - 435.5 range.

    Therefore, to operate ATV in Malaysia, we have no choice but to use frequencies about 1 GHz. I am very sad to repeat again that, very unfortunate this band is not open to us 9Ws, while no one uses this band. Since no 9Ms are using it (at least in PJ area), why not open it to us 9Ws who wants to use it.

    Maybe, we can try experimenting SSTV as a start? The PTT interface is similar to that used by echolink. Simply download MMSSTV and get started. I do work SSTV on 144.500 MHz FM but the activity is very very low.

    So maybe we can try to get more stations involved in SSTV on 2M or 70 CM FM?

    Sion Chow Q. C.,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:23 PM  

  • Rizal, 9W2RW is already on sstv.
    Those interested can contact him at 019 5657362.For me no timelah and also it requires additional expense which I cant afford. Fuel sudah naik, macam macam lagi akan naik. Itu barang saja lama lama mau turun hi hi.
    Be wise in your spending.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:17 PM  

  • My guesstimate is that only a handful of people are interested in Amateur TV. So there is no point of me looking for prospect Hams to create a new group, what more to fight for 9W extension of priviledge to get C3F emmission mode and 1.2Ghz to be included in Class B band. (sigh!)

    Anyway, I hope Suchat, you can continue with your discussion here.


    By Blogger 9M2RT, at 5:27 PM  

  • I am tremendously sad to hear such a comment. Amateur radio is a hobby where people learn to explore wireless communications and try out new stuff, in this case such as ATV. The 1.2 GHz band is hardly ever used at least around the KL/PJ area. My opinion is that, it would be good to allow 9Ws allow this band. Even if it is only a handful that is enough. We hope that by having at least a few people working ATV, it will bring interest to others and more people can explore it.

    Think about the benefits we can do with 1.2 GHz. In addition to ATV, we can also transmit high speed data which requires very large bandwidth there. (This involves computers. Integration of computers with ham radio - isin't this what we should be doing at this modern age?) Then of course we have satellites using this band. How about earning a WAC (Work All Continents) award with an endorsement on this band via EME? (I know its a great challenge - but that's the fun of it. In addition to that we make Malaysia proud and well known) The things that we can do on this band is endless.

    Personally, I feel that morse code is a very interesting aspect of ham radio. It is something that may slowly fade off one day if everyone ignores it. BUT, forcing a person to learn the morse code just to get a class A license in my opinion is not a good method. Every ham should at least learn a little bit of morse code. But they should be allowed to learn it at their discretion. Some may really dislike morse. Well, its their personal choice, do we penalize them by not giving them full privillages just because they don't know morse?

    Some may like to work on certain aspect of ham radio first before tackling the morse code. But as of now, they cannot work frequencies < 28 MHz and > 1 GHz if they don't know morse. This is very clearly an enhancement barrier. I would say, let them explore these frequencies first, who knows maybe later they will realize themselves that morse is important and learn it. This way, they learn morse more sincerely, because they want to learn it, not for the sick of passing the exam and get a class A license.

    Anyhow, the above is just my personal opinion. I maintain my stand that morse code is a useful form of communication, BUT it is just another form of communication and should not be use as a criteria for a ham to get a full license.

    Sion Chow Q. C.,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:43 AM  

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