Thursday, July 06, 2006

UK Lifetime Licences

The United Kingdom is proposing that Amateur Radio Licencees
be issued with Lifetime Licences.
Read all about the draft, that is being planned to be implemented
come 1October 2006, by clicking on the subject header above.

Extract taken from the above draft.

Lifetime amateur radio licence
Section 1

1 Introduction

Lifetime amateur radio licensing

1.1 Subsequent to a consultation on amateur radio licensing launched on 26 May 2005, Ofcom published a policy statement on the future of amateur radio licensing on 14 February 20061.

1.2 It is necessary to make some changes to the amateur radio licence in order to implement these reforms.

1.3 This document contains the revised amateur radio licence for information purposes only so as to ensure that stakeholders are aware of the revised licence terms, conditions and limitations.
1.4 Ofcom plans to introduce the new lifetime amateur radio licence on 1 October 2006 2(the "Implementation Date").

1.5 For each radio amateur licensee who holds an existing amateur radio licence, the new lifetime licence will only come into force when the term of their current amateur radio licence expires.

1.6 For each radio amateur licensee who holds an existing amateur radio licence, in order to ensure that the new lifetime licence arrives in good time, Ofcom will post lifetime amateur radio licences 6 weeks before the date when the licensee’s current licence is due to expire. Ofcom will only send these licences to licensees whose licence expires on or after 1 October 20062. Any licences which expire before this date must be renewed with the RLC and will not be replaced with the new licence at that time.

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