Monday, October 02, 2006

Bukit Lanjan Repeaters

Ever wondered how the VHF and UHF repeaters
look like on Bukit Lanjan?

I had the rare occasion snapping some fotos to
illustrate for the benefit of some new Ham
members how Repeaters look like.

The grey cabinet on the left contains MARTS equipment

Top to bottom:
UHF repeater made by Standard (now YAESU)
Middle left:
AC to DC power supply loaned by 9M2RT which supplies
power to both UHF and VHF repeaters now!
Middle right:
The 2 Motorola Mobile sets working to be a Repeater in
conjuction with a Motorola Interface. One mobile is the
transmitter, the other mobile is the receiver.
The 2 units are sandwiched between 2 wooden planks to keep
them erect!
The 4 antenna Cavities (looks like storage bottles) that has
been tuned for optimizing our transmit frequency.

Close up view of the 4 Cavities

At the moment, both the our repeaters seem to be working
OK, but the Motorola units will return to Penang once our original
VHF repeater is replaced.


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