Wednesday, March 08, 2006

HAM Radio In Space

Some of you may have already been exposed to this, and may consider this stale news.
For those of you who have not, a recent experiment involving an orbiting transmitter, aptly named SUITSAT, which was manually launched from the International Space Station, may have stirred some more interest in you.
If you do have the time, spend a few minutes reading this article, and perhaps, you can participate in the up and coming, hopefully, workable project. It all depends on our friends in Angkasa, and their opinion of Amateur Radio Experiments in general!

9M2RT-Razif, came out with a good suggestion, replicating this idea, of getting Malaysia's first Astronaut to communicate directly with Earth stations in 9M/W2 land. The idea was tossed around a bit, and MARTS Council was informed about it.
Seeing that this is a great opportunity to alleviate our Society, we have decided to publish this idea, in hope that we can get some, decent volunteers, to help steer this project.
So far, Angkasa, through it's Science Officer for the 'Angkasawan' project has reacted positively, and is keen to explore this. We are now in the process of getting our heads together, so that we can start the groundwork.

So, we are calling for all interested HAMS, to stand up and be counted. An invitation to other clubs will be extended through the 'official' channel, once we get the complete go ahead.
Send your positive replies to, and get updated.

So here is hoping that you can come explore this new front with us.

de 9W2MCT - Tony
p.s this is a MARTS Members initiative, and IS NOT restricted !


  • For the record, we now have three Volunteers.
    9M2RT - Razif
    9W2CBL - Richard
    9W2MCT - Tony
    (9W2QC - Sion)Sion has extended his help from the outside.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:12 PM  

  • President .... Razif
    Vice President......Richard
    committee members....100 vacancies

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:54 PM  

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