Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lightning Strikes

One of our Ham member had the misfortune of getting his
rig setup hit by a big bolt of Lightning.

From the fotos below, one can see the damage that
lightning can do to your equipment if steps are not taken to
reduce the chances of it being hit by Lightning.

One good way, is to disconnect the aerial feed cable
connector from the rig. This will prevent the Lightning bolt hitting it.
But mind you, you must now take care to prevent the bolt
of Lightning coming down the aerial feed cable and
hitting you in your room!

Its clear that the cable connector has been
detached from the the cable itself.

The cable end is approximately 12 inches
away from its connector!

This Cushcraft Ringo Ranger bow blown into an oval
shape from its original half dipole shape.

The Dexion angle iron mounting to the
wall made a hole in the concrete that
required wall repairs!

Anothe view of the hole in the wall.

Even the telephone incoming line box just "exploded".

Another view of the telephone junction box.

So it pays to take precautions during periods of Lightning activity in your vicinity.


  • To my friend whose rig/antenna was hit by condolonces.It is very fortunate you are not mutilated by the lightning. This is an expensive experience. So next time earth your coaxial cables.Leaving it dangling is not good enough.Have a copper bar connected to the copper rod ground.Dont forget to test the earth resistance using the proper instrument.It should be less than 3 ohms.

    Junior electrician

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:30 PM  

  • WHooooah! Finally got to see the damage. THanks Suchart for your time and effort. Man, did he have a terrible time, luckily bukan the new rig, anyways, has he replaced his antennae?

    Kita punya masih di sekolah . .he he

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:08 AM  

  • Wah! That is bad shape... is that antenna belonging to our friend who wanted to sell his antenna?

    I had my antenna cable attached with a Lightning Arrestor and grounded to earth with a thick earth wire 7 thick strand type.

    To setup a taller lightning rod is another challenge and cost less than having the antenna blow up to half!

    I use OPEX LIGHTNING ARESTER ~ RM 120 bought from our friend 9M2SY via online

    So far my antenna is still in good condition but I always unplug the antena connector from the rig just in case it is a direct hit!



    By Blogger Rodney Yeo @, at 11:16 AM  

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