Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do you know Series - 2

What term describes the process of combining an information signal with a radio signal?
A. Superposition
B. Modulation
C. Demodulation
D. Phase-inversion

What would be the voltage across a 50-ohm dummy load dissipating 1200 watts?
A. 173 volts
B. 245 volts
C. 346 volts
D. 692 volts

What does RST mean in a signal report?
A. Recovery, signal strength, tempo
B. Recovery, signal speed, tone
C. Readability, signal speed, tempo
D. Readability, signal strength, tone

What is a magnetic field?
A. Current through the space around a permanent magnet
B. The space through which a magnetic force acts
C. The space between the plates of a charged capacitor, through
which a magnetic force acts
D. The force that drives current through a resistor

If two resistors are connected in series, what is their total resistance?
A. The difference between the individual resistor values
B. Always less than the value of either resistor
C. The product of the individual resistor values
D. The sum of the individual resistor values

What is parallel-conductor feed line?
A. Two wires twisted around each other in a spiral
B. Two wires side-by-side held apart by insulating material
C. A center wire inside an insulating material that is covered
by a metal sleeve or shield
D. A metal pipe that is as wide or slightly wider than a
wavelength of the signal it carries

What does it mean to say that a repeater has an input and an output frequency?
A. The repeater receives on one frequency and transmits on another
B. The repeater offers a choice of operating frequency, in case one is busy
C. One frequency is used to control the repeater and another is used to
retransmit received signals
D. The repeater must receive an access code on one frequency before retransmitting
received signals

What is the characteristic impedance of flat-ribbon TV-type twin-lead?
A. 50 ohms
B. 75 ohms
C. 100 ohms
D. 300 ohms

Why does a dummy antenna provide an RF safe environment for transmitter adjusting?
A. The dummy antenna carries the RF energy far away from the station
before releasing it
B. The RF energy is contained in a halo around the outside of the dummy antenna
C. The RF energy is not radiated from a dummy antenna, but is converted to heat
D. The dummy antenna provides a perfect match to the antenna feed impedance

Which potential does the green wire in a three-wire electrical plug represent?
A. Neutral
B. Hot
C. Hot and neutral
D. Ground


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