Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do you know Series - 5

Do you know that?

1. Amateur radio operators are not allowed to do anything
with their radios that generate financial income.

2. Amateur radio operators are prohibited from broadcasting
to the public. The Amateur radio transmission is meant to be
received by other radio amateur operators/stations only.

3. There are 3 types of Amateur Station Apparatus Assignment
under Amateur Radio Category.
a) Amateur Station Apparatus Assignment Class A
b) Amateur Station Apparatus Assignment Class B
c) Amateur Repeater Station

4. The minimun age for a candidate to apply for the RAE
is 14 years old, and 18 years for the CW test?

5. The ASAA must be displayed as near to the equipment
as possible?

6. The Station Log Book must be provided to record :
a) Dates of all transmissions
b) Time of commencement and ending of all contacts made
c) Frequency & band used/Class or mode of transmission
d) Power output
e) Call Signs/contact name or handle made
f) Details of test caried out
g) Locations when operations are from any temporary locations
h) Serialised numbered records in paper or electronic forms

7. The definitions of Base/Mobile/Portable Stations
Base - Station being operated from ASAA Licence address
Mobile - Stations being operated while moving, such as in a car
Portable - Station being operated away from registered address
for certain period of time
Earth - Station being worked with amateur radio satellites

8. The word "break" should never be used to join a conversation
in progress

9. The word "break" is only used to deliver emergency traffic

10. Radio operators are required to give a 3 second pause
within the audio message. At least one 3 second pause be
given in any 1 minute length message

Extracted from MCMC Guidelines for Radio Amateurs


  • Recently, a few station are not using the "Radio Amateur Protocol" by announcing full call sign. Example recent case 15/06/05 within 0800-0900 QSO RKK, one station just mentioned his last 3 alphabet XXX, instead full protocol 9W2 XXX or 9M2 XXX. So Country Code (9), Class Code (M or W) and state Region Code (2, 6, or 8) are missing in his call sign.Please keep professionalism of HAM spirit . Eventhough you are in rush, please give full call sign .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 PM  

  • I know ....I know...i know, it Su Chat always said Sierra Sierra Juliet hee...hee... Jangan Marah Su Chat

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:36 PM  

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