Thursday, May 26, 2005

Do you know Series - 6

Do you know that:

Upon switching on your amateur radio, you are required to listen on the frequency to ensure that it is free, before you can operate your radio?

To join the conversation if its not free, you are to give them your callsign during the pause period, and not use the word "break" or "contact"?

When operating through a repeater, the order of priority should be as tabulated below:

First - Stations relaying/transmitting emergency or distress message

Second - Stations using low power or handsets

Third - Stations that are Mobile

Fourth - Stations that are at Base or high powered handsets

Prohibited Transmissions

Communications relating to anti government/religion/politics/business and racial issues/other issues that are sensitive to the people of Malaysia.

No transmission of music; communications intended to facilitate a criminal act; messages in codes or ciphers intended to obscure the meaning thereof; messages containing profane, offensive, obscene or indecent words of any language.

No engagement in any form of broadcasting for sending news, advertisements for percuniary reward for and on behalf of a third party.

You should not use the amateur radio apparatus such as to disrupt the usage of the amateur radio frequency or any other acts which can cause interference with other services.

You should not retransmit programs or signals from any types of radio station other than an amateur station, except weather forecast information intended for use by the general public and originated from a Malaysian Government station.

Adapted from MCMC Amateur Radio Guidelines


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