Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crystal Radio Resources for SWL's

For those new commers wanting to learn more about amateur radio the vintage way?

You could start off by listening to short wave radio or learn to make your on radio receiver.

Here is a said Crystal Radio set I made with the help of my school teacher during my form two in secondary school.



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Do You Know Your Antenna types?

Some of our SWL members might like this information
regarding the various Antenna types.
I am not promoting SMC but since their phamplet
has got a lot of information, I felt it will be helpful for
those that are keen to know.

Go to:

File is 7.07 mb, therefore it will take some time for it
to appear on your screen.

Some examples below:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Handytalkie

Icom just released a new portable this month.
Check out the specs!

Icom IC-E91
Type: Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver

Frequency range:
TX: 144-146 / 430-440 MHz
RX: 0.495-999.990 MHz
5/6.25/8.33/9/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50/100/200 KHz steps

TX: FM (DV option (Digital voice) UT-121)
RX: AM/FM/WFM (DV option (Digital voice) UT-121)

RF Power output: Hi: 5/5 Lo: 0.5/0.5 W

DC battery or 10-16 VDC external
Current drain:
RX: 17-370 mATX: Max 2.2 A
Impedance: 50 ohms, SMA

300 gr (with battery and antenna)

Manufactured: Japan, 2006-200x

1304 memories. DTMF and CTCSS. Spectrum
scopePC-programmable. Alpha tags. Twin RX. D-Star option
Related documents:
User manual (1.7 MB)