Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Homebrew Amateur Yagi Antenna for RM26.60

To view the individual clearer picture, click on these links :

Above antenna design was obtained from the net.

We would like to place on record a very big thank you to
Nathan Loucks WB0CMT, for his design of a very cheap
3 element Yagi.

Appreciate if our readers can come back with their comments
with regards to the making and final product rating regarding
this Yagi. Please send the email to :

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Amateur Operating Procedure - Apr 15, 2006

Some info from MARTS

They are having a dialogue session this Saturday April 15
with reference to "Operating Procedures".

Can this be also be made into an Q & Answer session for
us to find out why we are not getting our receipts/membership cards/
repeater plans...and so forth?

This will mean that we have to get to Penang!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Repeater Plan

Its been 2 weeks since this plan was posted and little interest shown here, as such the posting has been removed. We thank you for your silent observation and do hope there will be more participation of comments here.


Comments now moderated

Effective 01 April 2006, all comments on the AmateuradioMalaysia
blogspot will require it to be moderated.

This, we feel is necessary, as from experience, there were too many
comments that were not related to Amateur Radio at all, but
at times close to it being slurring another.

Therefore, please bear in mind that all comments posted will
take some time for it to appear in the comments field.

We hope that with this measure, focus will be on Amateur
Radio matters and relevant for it to be in this Blogspot.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Echolink Node

For the Amateur Community around the vicinity of Kerinchi,
thanks to the assistance of 9W2DTR, he has set up an Echolink
To gain access to the Node, one will have go to Channel V23
or 145.2875 simplex, enter the DTMF code,
#33 (some stations might not have to enter this code)
while pressing the PTT.
It is also required to please give a 3 second pause in between
transmissions to allow the radio to rest and not get overheated.